High-Arcing Trajectory

I’ve been having a recurring daydream. In it I’m methodically pulling my golf clubs, one by one, out of my golf bag—which is standing upright—and hurling them by the grip ends, on a high-arcing trajectory into the whooshing oblivion of a black hole from which they’re never to return to poorly strike a golf ball again.

Sometimes it isn’t daydream but occurs during my last waking consciousness of the evening before I drift off into a long, deep, restful sleep.

Texas 51
Baylor 16

HooK ‘Em,


3 Comments to “High-Arcing Trajectory”

  1. I would “hazard” to say your last round went better than mine today on a breezy, sunny day in DC, and yet, it’s OK for this inveterate duffer, and wearing my Horns cap brought positive comments. Keep your clubs in the bag ‘ol chap, and let’s beat ‘da Bears.

  2. I usually like reading Willie Earl while taking a long morning constitutional. This was a disappointing gas only false alarm.

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