Baylor Over/Under Results


Over/Under contestants were bloodied and bowed yesterday afternoon. The average number of correct answers was 4.25, the lowest since record keeping began. Art Zeitz, notched his first victory of the year with six correct answers. Mark Adams and Mike Frank tied for second with five correct. Nobody could predict that Lorenzo Joe, who had only seven receptions on the year coming into the Baylor game, would have the most yards from scrimmage for a player not named Buechele, Foreman, or Duvernay. It took only one reception for that distinction and heck if that 61-yard reception wasn’t one of the biggest plays in the Horns’ fourth quarter comeback for the victory.

Not to gloat, but did you notice how close yours truly’s prediction of 35-31 for the game’s final score and outcome was?

Hey Strong and Gilbert, stick the 18-wheeler package up your…. uh, ear.

Go Horns!

Hook “Em,


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  1. I said it last night to Clayton and will repeat here; I expect this program to beat Kansas and TCU, giving Strong six victories and bowl eligibility. “Improvement.” That’s all UT President Fenves needs to rationalize keeping Strong around at least another year, thereby avoiding the optics of being the last school to win a national championship with no Black players and now firing its first Black head coach just three years into a guaranteed five-year contract. Would note that Fenves has publicly said he knows nothing about football. The deficiencies obvious to us and others are lost on Fenves. And on Chancellor McRaven.

  2. Like I said after the ND win, do we congratulate Charlie for the win and then fire him for his stupidity? He can never explain the timeout before halftime or the bizarre 18 wheeler roll out to lose yards before the game winning field goal (I think it may have been a pass play that went awry), but the idea of sending De’onte as a wide out on the 2 point conversion play as well as the aforementioned play before the field goal is insane. It comes from the Pete Carroll playbook in which he took Reggie Bush out of the backfield on the famous 4th down play in 2006.
    And please tell your return men to take a knee on any kickoff into the end zone. I bet we haven’t returned past the 25 yard line more than 3 or 4 times all year.

    • Swoopes also could have let another :20 run off the clock before that stupid roll out leaving Baylor with less than :30 for their last drive. Great win for the players but Strong still looks like a bad game coach and Gilbert’s play calling almost cost Texas the game.

      Of course we want Texas to win every game. Is there anyway we can go 8-4 in the regular season and still have a new coach next year? Strong is not a top flight power five football coach.

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