Texas Beats Baylor

Addition by Subtraction

Malik Jefferson, Anthony Wheeler, and Patrick Vahe join Holton Hill and Davante Davis on the bench for the start of this game as Charlie Strong looks for a winning combination. John Burt has also sort of been benched though the official story is he’s hurt. Yeah Sure.

My secret source inside the UT administration who is close to the football program sort of confirms the theory that the Horns have to run the table for Charlie Strong to keep his job. I’d be surprised if that happens but it says here that Texas makes fewer dumb mistakes, blows fewer coverages, commits fewer penalties, and drops fewer passes than their norm today to beat Baylor in a mild upset 35-31.

For the Record

On this date 39 years ago Texas defended it’s new #1 ranking by beating Texas Tech at home 26-0. A younger, fatter Willie Earl and Larry Don Campbell celebrated the victory and satisfied their munchies feasting on Monte Cristos at Jojo’s on Anderson Lane and later that evening drove around West Austin in Larry’s 1972 Monte Carlo drinking from personal quart bottles of Big Red and getting the munchies again.

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  1. I was for Strong getting the hire. I thought he would be good. He caught a bad break with the David Ash injury. But then we could not play offense with the Shawn Watson attack so we had to pull out the check book, take him by the hand and go out to buy him an offense off of the shelf from Tulsa. And that has worked out but not to his credit. So we now have a quagmire on the defensive side. And the kicking game is a never ending series of F ups. Mack Brown was a lucky coach but he also made his own luck. It was not an accident that every single year he made sure we had a very good kicker. And look at all of the big games he won on huge kicks as the clock expired. He was no fool when it came to self preservation. Strong can’t figure that out. Missed kicks, blocked kicks, dropped deep snaps. It really is coaching. His X’s and O’s are not very good. And don’t forget last year when we kicked off twice against UCLA because our Captains did not know what to do on the coin toss!!

  2. Why don’t you all offer Brian Kelly a 6 year contract and get him the hell out of our program?

    • I’d be happy to take Kelly but then again I’m not watching all the ND games

  3. Fire the MIDGET !!!!!

  4. I root hard for The Longhorns to win, but I really don’t like idea of another week of “will they or won’t they” fire Strong. A loss probably means the end of the program’s worst run in history.

  5. I loved JoJos when I was a kid. Home of the Wisconsin Burger!

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