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Case McCoy Sun Tzu

The Baylor game was lost eleven months ago when Mack Brown decided to stand pat with Case McCoy as his backup quarterback. How Brown found himself stuck with McCoy involves a dizzying series of half-baked decisions. The early season blow-out losses were preordained when—for all the wrong reasons—Brown decided to stick with Manny Diaz as his defensive coordinator. If Mack Brown is a CEO Coach, his CEOing wasn’t very good this year.


It’s interesting to compare Auburn’s last four years with Texas’.  In 2010, Auburn won the national championship with a transcendent quarterback and an average head coach.  In 2010, having lost a transcendent quarterback to graduation, Texas went 5-7.

In 2011, after losing their transcendent quarterback, Auburn went 8-5. One year after winning a national championship, fickle Auburn fans already were calling for a coaching change. Mack Brown was granted a mulligan on the 2010 season because he led Texas to a 71-9 record over the previous six seasons, with a national championship, a national championship runner-up, and two other BCS Bowl wins. In 2011, his first year of rebuilding, Texas went 8-5.

In 2012, Auburn went 3-9 overall and O-fer in the SEC. Two seasons after leading Auburn to a national championship, Gene Chizik was fired.  In 2012, after losing to Oklahoma 63-21, Mack Brown began an on-going ‘fixing’ of his rebuild. His fixing was good for a 9-4 record.

In 2013, with a new coach, and a new quarterback by way of junior college, Auburn won the SEC and has a berth in the national championship game.  If we classify college football programs as boats, I’d say Auburn was a very fancy, speedy ski boat that can turn quickly. In 2013 the cruise ship lollipop of a Texas program, with the same coach, the same well healed passengers, and same players as in 2012, steamed along on the same heading as the past two years to an 8-4 regular season record.

Do we all agree that Texas football needs a new captain who will at least attempt to turn this cruise ship of a program in a new direction?

The last laugh department or seeing red

How ‘bout that Bob Stoops and Oklahoma?  Despite losing to arch rival Texas and eventual Big 12 Champion Baylor, Stoops got Oklahoma another 10-win season and berth in a BCS Bowl. In their dramatic win over Oklahoma State yesterday Stoops played three—count ‘em—three quarterbacks. That’s an interesting contrast to what Mack Brown did yesterday.

Tell your statistics to shut up

That’s how I sum up what the likes of Red McCombs, Joe Jamail, and Bill Powers have been telling Texas football fans the last couple of years. The most concise statistic that I’ve read about Texas over the last four years is an analysis of their Big 12 record. It’s 18-17. Six of those wins came at the expense Kansas and Iowa State. I’ll let you do the arithmetic. Mack brown jamail


I can’t envision Mack Brown continuing as head coach in 2014. I like a phrase that was coined by a writer for another UT Football blog: Mack can have a parade or a pine box. It’s his choice. It will be very interesting to see what choice Brown and the UT powers that be make over the next week or so.

HooK eM,


Over/Under Results

At least the Baylor Over/Under Contest was closely contested and exciting. It came down to the tiebreaker and it was a photo finish with Helen Frink nosing out David Frink for her second win of the season. David and Helen answered eight questions correctly. After Helen’s first win of the season she informed me that indeed she had not learned everything she knew about football from me. Oops. Tom Yoxall, Wade Wallace and Jerry Smith tied for third with 7 correct. 


How ‘bout those Longhorn Basketeers who beat Temple in overtime on Saturday to move their record to 8-1?


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  1. I personally hope Mack has the good sense to hang ’em up before the surefire shock and awe that awaits us in the Alamo Bowl…..perhaps a “win one for the Mackster” would give us enough ooommph to hold Oregon under 100….

    • It might get ugly. As Barry Switzer said,”half-a-hundred by halftime.

  2. Stand pat??!? Are you kidding? Brown’s conference record the past four years: 28-20, with 24 of the wins coming against teams with losing records. His record is 1-3 against OU, OK. State, Kansas St. and Baylor. He’s 4-14 against top 25 teams in this period. Four losses this year were all blowouts. Two of his victories against awful teams came via poor officiating and or last-second heroics. He no longer comes even close against quality teams (save for the inexplicable OU beat down … which actually was the result of four don’t-happen-every-week plays). THIS ISN’T EVEN ABJECT MEDIOCRITY. HE’S GOT TO GO!

    If he was making 80 percent less (down to Kliff Kingsbury-like $1.2 million money), that record might be marginally acceptable. Not at Texas. NOT OUR STANDARD. He’s had four consecutive awful-to-mediocre years, with embarrasment after embarrasment. Glad he came, thanks for the memories, largely built by two out of the five guys whose names are in the stadium ring of honor, for God’s sake. Now, it’s time to say so long.

    • Lost 3 of the last 4 versus Baylor. You can go on and on with this stuff.

  3. W.E.-

    Most concise and on point analysis of the state of the Longhorn Union I’ve read anywhere.

    In other news, Case finally texted back and asked if he could crash on my couch for a few days. I told him I’d think about it.


  4. Thanks for another great year of Willie Earl. I have learned more about Texas football through Willie Earl than I ever did from the sports pages. Perhaps Willie Earl can do a special edition or two on the new coach and staff when they (hopefully)come on board.

  5. The worst thing about the great coaching comeback of 2013 is that we pretty much had to stick with Case. We now go into 2014 without a clue about Swoopes. Are UT and A&M
    in the same spot? Both are coming off 8-4 seasons and turning to new QBs. Interesting that Sumlin gets new long term deal after his 8-4 season with the best college QB since Vince and Mack may be gone after 8-4 season with backup QB, RB, LBs, & DT. If our replacement isn’t named Saban, I’d rather stand pat.

    • Standing pat with Mack is an interesting concept to say the least. If Mack is back he might have to replace most of his coaching staff again. Applewhite is leaving–good right–Searels is probably leaving and Greg Robinson might not come back. Others are probably leaving as well.

      Of course this is would be the perfect situation for Mack. More built in excuses.

      “Well it was tough on the kids with lots of new coaches…yada Mack speak….yada Mack speak…yada Mack Speak.”

  6. Good to bring in Sun Tzu and “The Art of War” about battles lost before they are fought and the cruise ship or better Titanic analogy worked perfectly. Another great season of write-ups though I guess we can look forward to one more for the road when Texas goes to the car muffler bowl or whatever…

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