This Was the Week That Was

Monday:  At the National Football Foundation annual awards dinner, Mack Brown, in comments to the press, declined to talk about his job status. He did say that in addition to the national epidemic of poor tackling, he had also identified a national epidemic of blow-out losses by well coached football teams citing Baylor’s loss to Oklahoma State and Duke’s loss to Florida State as recent examples.

Tuesday:  Orangebloods reporter Chip Brown breaks a story quoting high level UT administration sources that Mack Brown will step down as head coach.

UT athletic department officials vigorously denied the story. UT officials also vigorously denied that Deloss Dodds had retired and Steve Patterson is now the athletic director.

Mack Brown, who was on a recruiting trip in Miami, said he wouldn’t be there “killing himself” recruiting if he was stepping down.

Wednesday: Numerous sources reported that Nick Saban had purchased the Pease Mansion at 1600 Niles Road just minutes from the UT campus.

Pease mansionMack Brown’s lawyer and spokesman Joe Jamail announced that he was teaming with Alan Dershowitz to sue UT and mean Longhorn fans who have said bad things about Mack Brown.

Mack Brown, continuing on the recruiting trail, was in the home of Brad and Debra McCoy recruiting their daughter, Cate McCoy, sister of Colt and Case. Brown reportedly assured the McCoys that, if Cate came to UT, she would be no lower than number two on the depth chart at quarterback.

UT athletic department officials reiterated their vigorous denial that Mack Brown was stepping down, and they denied that Texas had lost to Baylor 30-10 last Saturday.

Kirk Herbstreit staked his career on the fact that Nick Saban would not leave Alabama for Texas, and if he did, he would kiss Brent Musburger on the mouth on national television every time Musburger called him “Herbie.”

Thursday: At a press conference in San Antonio promoting the Alamo Bowl, Mack Brown declined to talk about the rumors about his job security. He did say that Bill Powers was the best university president in the country, that the UT athletic program was the best in the country, that DeLoss Dodds was the best athletic director in the country and possibly the best of all time, that the UT ball boys were the best ball boys in the country, that the Alamo Bowl was the best bowl game in the country, and that the winner should be considered in the national championship conversation.

The UT Board of Regents met and they decided that Bill Powers would stay on as UT President.

In addressing the media after the meeting, Powers thanked Mack Brown for his comments about him at the Alamo Bowl press conference. He said the feeling was mutual and that he and Brown were moving into a swank downtown condo together. Mack Brown powers

The scheduled meeting between Brown, Powers, and athletic director Steve Patterson was rescheduled for Friday afternoon. The UT athletic department reiterated its vigorous denial that Deloss Dodds had retired.

Friday: In comments to the media, Bill Powers said that his meeting with Mack Brown and Steve Patterson had been productive. Mack Brown said that the topic of his job security was not discussed.

UT athletic department officials denied that a meeting took place and reiterated their denial that DeLoss Dodds had retired as athletic director.

Mack Brown and the team celebrated their accomplishments during the 2013 season at the annual UT Football Banquet. Every player received a trophy and the team received a Crystal Ball Trophy for finishing second in the Big 12. The team also was awarded a plaque as the Longhorn Team of the Decade.

I’ll keep you posted as further events unfold.

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8 Comments to “This Was the Week That Was”

  1. My favorite was Saban purchasing the Pease Mansion! 😂😂🤪😏

  2. I think it’s pretty nice to be a graduate of a University where fans are angry at a likely 7-3 season

  3. Well I guess this one’s superfluous. At this point, it looks like welcome back Mack and mediocrity, unless a rabbit gets pulled from the hat. Nice parody, now what is Nick going to do with that property?

    • People are over reacting to that ridiculous banquet. I think we’ll have a new coach next year?

  4. I am living for the Saturday night when Herbstreit strangles Musburger for calling him “Herbie” just one too many times.

  5. Really, really good. I was really, really laughing. Mack

  6. Pure greatness. I belly laughed out loud.

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