Can the Longhorns Stand Prosperity?

I was ambivalent about the Longhorns Rockettes dance on the sideline during the fourth quarter of the West Virginia game.  It was an impressive win for them and it was nice to see the players have something to celebrate for a change. At the same time, the Longhorns need to keep in perspective that they’re 6-5 and they could still finish with a losing record. Texas Tech has the # 10 passing offense in the country and Texas is unlikely to knock Texas Tech quarterback Nic Shimonek out of the game in the first quarter. Tom Herman and the players are saying all the right things this week about finishing, but I’m always wary of premature celebrations whether it’s one of my golf partners, favorite football team, or favorite basketball teams.

Speaking of 6-5, for further perspective, know that the cumulative record of the Longhorns’ vanquished foes is 23-43. The record is pulled down by Big 12 opponents Kansas and Baylor who have only one win each. On a positive note, three of Texas’ wins came against teams with winning records.

Sublime to Bitter

So there I was, in the comfort of my home, enjoying my fourth cup of coffee, watching the Longhorns with the sound muted, and listening to Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 for the week ending 11/17/73 (oh the bittersweet memories).  The Longhorns were on their way to at least a 17 if not 21 point lead in the third quarter. The total experience was absolutely sublime. Then, Sam Ehlinger decided to see just how far he could throw a football with his backside parallel to the ground. I watched the pick-six to the Rolling Stones “Angie.” My sublime afternoon was spoiled—temporarily. I’m still bitter. As my brother David said in a text exchange, “He HAS to stop that incredible foolishness!”   Yes, he does, before it costs Texas anymore football games.


Cade Brewer and Patrick Vahe are the latest in a long line of Longhorns to be lost to debilitating injuries. I read somewhere last December that Herman’s teams get pretty beat up by the end of the season because of his grinding practice regime.  I don’t know if there’s anything to that and the rash of injuries this year may be just plain bad luck, but I’d be surprised if Mr. Mensa (Herman) doesn’t  conduct some kind of study to see if there’s something he can change about his team’s practice and training to cut down on the injuries.

Warren to H-back/Tight end

Is it just me or does it seem that Chris Warren III is a much better fit at H-back/tight end than running back?  He’s a good receiver and his straight-up running style is more suited to running with the ball after a catch than from standing start from the backfield. Could be good.

Friday after Thanksgiving 1996

One of my many, many great memories of Longhorn Football is the 1996 51-15 beat down of the Aggies the day after Thanksgiving.  The game started at a little after 10 a.m. and it was cold and wet. Ricky Williams, James Brown, and Mike Adams had big days as Texas turned the game into a rout in the second half, by which time I had taken off a couple of layers of clothing as the day had turned from cold and damp to sunny and mild.  It was kind of poetic.  After we celebrated the victory in the LBJ Library parking lot with friends and family, Helen and I took advantage of an extension from our babysitters (my parents) and went to Sullivan’s for an early dinner.  As we ordered, Helen asked me if I wanted to split a baked potato.  I said it was the kind of day that we should each have our own baked potato.

We’ll be tailgating in the LBJ Library parking Friday for the first time since that Friday in 1996. I’d like to think the symmetry bodes well.

Hook ‘Em,


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