West Virginia Over/Under Results

David Bergstrom won the West Virginia Over/Under with nine correct answers.  David joins Clayton Frink and Mike Frank in the 2017 nine correct answer club.

Mark Adams finished second with eight correct. There was a six-way tie for third that included, Joe Grubbs, Helen Frink, Andy Garrod, Reed Ramlow, Greg Swan, Wes Peoples.

From the highlights department, all 17 contestants correctly predicted over for Texas defensive sacks and for Texas points scored in the second half.

The averages score was 6.2

Going into the season finale, it’s a three-horse race for the championship between Clayton Frink, 81 points, Greg Swan, 73 points, and David Bergstrom, 68 points. A host of players have a mathematical chance to finish as high as second for the year.

Bergstrom and Swan are neck-and-neck in the presser but it’s still a wide-open contest with 12 players still in contention.

We’re excited to announce that yes there will be Bowl Game Over/Under Contest with fabulous prizes!

Coming Wednesday.  Can the Longhorns Stand Prosperity?

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  1. Anytime I just see my name
    in your results, I feel almost famous. Congrats to Bergy

  2. My experience is a reverse barometer and worth study by the leaders.

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