December 6, 1969

It was about an hour ago while I was walking my dog that it dawned on me that today is the 50th anniversary of the original “Big Shootout.”  There’s nothing I can say about this game, this event that hasn’t been said before so I’ll simply commemorate the day by sharing this video that I’m sure you’ve seen many times before.  The girl in the band gets me everytime.


Hook ‘Em,

5 Comments to “December 6, 1969”

  1. “For the good times…” sings Ray Price in his melancholy baritone.

  2. WOW! I actually remember it. One year before I began going up to games at UT…..and hanging out at Lake Travis….:)

  3. If I had been on that sailboat with Redford and Dillman when Dillman asked, “Best afternoon?,” I wouldn’t had to thought about it. December 6, 1969, when Street hit Peschel.

  4. Thanks, as a beaten down football fan, I needed that.

    • But the Cowboys are in first place in their division 🤪

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