Why the Alamo Bowl is a Big Game for the Longhorns

Here are 10 reasons you can use to tell yourself the Alamo Bowl is a big game.

1. If Texas wins, Sam Ehlinger can say, “I told you we were back.”

2. For Texas, finishing 8-5 looks much better on paper than 7-6.

3. It’s the only primetime game on New Year’s Eve.

4. Tom Herman can’t start drinking on New Year’s Eve until around 1030pm. At least let’s hope not.

5. A win over 11th ranked Utah would give Texas its first win over a top 15 team this season.

6. Thousands of suckers—I mean Longhorn Fans—are going.

7. If Texas wins, Tom Herman’s compensation will amortize to only $1 million per win this season.

8. If Texas holds Utah to less than 313 total yards they will move into the top 100 in total defense.

9. If Texas doesn’t give up a single passing yard to Utah their passing defense will move up to 121st.

10. If Texas wins they’ll have “Big Mo” for 2020 just like they had this year after winning the Sugar Bowl.

New Coordinators
As wise man being evaluated for dementia was asked who the President was. He answered, “It doesn’t matter.”

That’s what I think of the Longhorns’ new coordinators.

Hook Em and Happy New Year!



3 Comments to “Why the Alamo Bowl is a Big Game for the Longhorns”

  1. WE, an inspired 10 reason piece from a dispirited Horns fan. Thanks for the New Year’s chuckle. Time to circle the wagons for the Utes, but the likelihood is they will break through.

  2. A woman found her husband in bed with a midget.
    She said, “I thought you promised to quit cheating on me”.
    He replied, “Clearly you can see I’m cutting back”.

  3. Texas should be playing Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl for the National Championship. Period.

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