Facts, Figures, Thoughts, and a Gut Prediction


  1. Last year, trailing 56-41 with three minutes remaining the fourth quarter, Texas and Sam Ehlinger mounted a furious rally that included a successful onside kick to tie the game in regulation. Texas won in overtime 63-56.
  2. This is Casey Thompson’s first start versus a non-Rice opponent. It will be the biggest challenge of his career. Texas Tech has just enough film to prepare a defensive gameplan for Thompson.
  3. Tech’s defense has allowed an 54.7 yards per game rushing through three games this season. They give up an average of 1.8 yards per rush.
  4. Tech is 3-0 this season beating Houston, Stephen F. Austin, and Florida International. The cumulative record of these defeated foes is 5-5.
  5. Stephen F. Austin came up short on a 4th and goal with less than a minute before losing to Tech 28-22
  6. Tech is averaging 441 yards and 40 points per game. 270 yards per game passing and 170 rushing.
  7. Tech’s leading rusher, Tahj Brooks, is averaging 94.7 yards a game at an 8.1 yard per carry clip.
  8. Tech’s leading receiver, Erik Ezukanma, average yards per reception is 21.9.
  9. Tech’s quarterback Tyler Shough, is averaging 9.9 yards per reception. In case you don’t follow this metric, 9.9 per attempt is quite good.
  10. As of Friday morning, Texas is an 8.5-9.0 favorite. Figuring that the odds makers automatically spot the home team three points, they think Texas is about a touchdown better than Texas Tech.

Big Game for Sark

Texas’s next three games are Texas Tech, at TCU, and Oklahoma. In ascending order, each one will be the biggest of Steve Sarkisian’s career at Texas. If Texas doesn’t win at least two of these three matchups, it’s hard to conjure up Texas finishing the regular season with any better than an 8-4 record. I don’t know about you but 8-4 doesn’t excite me much.

Casey Thompson’s 16 for 18

Thompson has led Texas to 16 scores on the 18 drives he’s piloted dating back to the Alamo Bowl last year. So, I’m getting a little annoyed with Steve Sarkisian still going out of his way to state that Hudson Card will be playing (I’m paraphrasing) a significant role for the remainder of the season. Maybe he’s playing the long game in recruiting but can’t he just use the old cliché, Hudson needs to prepare each week like he’s going to play because you never know . . .?

Gut Prediction

Given the deficiencies of the Horns’ offensive and defensive lines, I don’t see Texas having an easy time with any of their remaining opponents. Save Kansas, I expect every game is going to be close. I expect the defense to disappoint most weeks, especially this one. I expect the offense will be the strength of the team and will keep Texas in all the remaining games.

If you’re looking forward to my gut prediction for this game, you may be disappointed. No, I’m not picking Tech to win. I’m not picking a winner in this one.  I do predict a game that will be decided late by less than six points. If Texas holds Tech to under 35 points, I think we have to be satisfied with the defense.

I will predict the final score will be something like 38-35 and it could go either way.

Willie Earl’s Song of the Week

“In My Life” – The Beatles

Though I know I’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more

For my money, this is the greatest love song of my generation.

I wept like Jack Paar when I rediscovered this opening of the “The Beatles Anthology” documentary from 1995.


Hook “Em,


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  1. You head it here first!
    Arkansas wins out, so do the Longhorns
    Rematch for the NCAA TITLE

  2. You’re close. The best love song of your generation is actually Something, Frank Sinatra said so.

    “You stick around, Jack, it might show”

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