Texas Tech Over/Under Results

It was a bit of an unusual Over/Under game this week. There was an invalid question, three questions that every player got right, and a perfect score.

Tahahj Brooks didn’t play so W.E. threw out that question creating a nine-question game. Every player predicted that both teams wouldn’t score on their first possession, that there would be fewer than five total interceptions, and that Texas would lead with six minutes left in the game.

With every player getting three of the nine questions right, the game was ripe for a perfect score, and that’s what happened. Pitching a perfect Over/Under, Andy Garrod is the winner this week. It’s Andy’s first win of the year and perhaps his first win ever. I’m sure Andy can confirm this.

Helen Frink and Kelly Malek came up one shy of perfection and tied for second with eight correct answers. Tyler Cotton, Mark Adams, and Mike Frank tied for third with seven correct.


2 Comments to “Texas Tech Over/Under Results”

  1. You know it’s a pretty subpar over/under by the Ryder Cup distracted Willie Earl when Andy F’ng Garrod can score a perfect score.

  2. Second!!! Win

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