Kansas Over/Under Results – Sunday Morning Quick Reaction

Over/Under Results

From my perspective, there is some good news regarding the Kansas game. Rick Mosher, one of my very good friends from my days on the 40 acres, notched his first ever Over/Under win Saturday with seven correct answers. Rick edged out David Frink, Tom Yoxall, and Jeff Johnson who came in with six correct. The average score compiled by the smallest Over/Under field of the year was 4.7.  D.R. Flower scored on the Daily Double predicting 247 yards rushing for D’Onta Foreman.

Sunday Morning Quick Reaction

For all the talk about how this team would do anything for Charlie, they clearly were not ready to play football yesterday. Six turnovers, 65 penalty yards, and 3 for 17 on third down conversions against a 1-9 team are not the ear marks of progress for a team supposedly fighting for their coach.  If anyone can offer explanations other than bad coaching for this team’s performance, please write.

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  1. Mike Frank for head football coach.
    He would surround himself with knowledgeable people. Looks like our president-elect is trying to also
    Some of the staff of the Willie Earl blog should be included
    Congratulations to you Rick, I think I wento-fer

  2. Sorry, Charlie….

  3. Keep seeing comments from UT faithful that say something like “I still think Charlie is a great coach, he’s just not suited for the Big 12!”

    Good grief. What part of his non-conference record suggests his issues are with the conference he coaches in?

    • If you thought Strong was doing a good job there was nothing yesterday to change your mind.

  4. Predictable stream of “Charlie Strong Made me Proud to be a Longhorn” puff pieces being churned out by various UT football sources.

  5. Think we still have a shot at the Motel 6 Cactus Bowl.

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