Kansas Post Game Open Thread

I’ll start it off with three questions.

  1. Why does Foreman keep fumbling?
  2. That was an interception. How can the Big 12 officials be this bad?
  3. Do 2,000 fans running on the field after a major college football game qualify as storming the field?


9 Comments to “Kansas Post Game Open Thread”

  1. I humbly withdraw my previous statements regarding Charlie.
    Time to go.
    I watch only to see who finishes with heart, and await the new regime.

  2. Longhorn. Trump. This is the season of my discount tent.

  3. I say be happy, the Mighty University of Texas Longhorns can’t even get to.500, but why not enjoy the FACT we have some good young talent and maybe hire a coach, not a figurehead midget

  4. Foreman carried the ball nearly 50 times, about 12 too many. Coaches should have gone with Swoopes after Buechele got hurt. He was clearly off and, actually Swoopes and Foreman running every play would have been enough to win. That Buechele was obviously su-par is a dang coaching mistake. And as Trump might say about using Swoopes, “what do you have to lose?”

    Agree with Bill and Bob that: a., it was an interception by Boyd in the end zone, and, b., it should not have cost Texas the game.

    Strong is done.

    • I agree. Swoopes and Foreman running every down wins by 21. Strong and Gilbert don’t think on their feet.

  5. I give up. Crossing the line into the let him go camp.
    That said, bad time for Bueschel (sp?) to finally have a terrible game.

    • I believe the boiler plate employment contract for UT coaches includes a clause that makes a loss to Kansas grounds for termination with cause.

  6. Had Kansas even recovered 6 TOs so far this season going into this game?

    Re: the interception, am I totally off base for believing if you let the game with KANSAS come down to one bad call that’s kind of on you? It’s not like that was even the end of the game. Still could have won in OT.

    Also, am I totally off-base for believing if there was any evidence of progress or “building something” it would come out when you play one of the 10 worst FBS teams?

  7. Divine intervention

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