Kansas State Pre Game

On Kansas State, Charlie’s Graceful Exit, and Candidates

If the assumption that Charlie Strong needs eight wins this year to keep his job is correct, for the second straight week, Charlie Strong faces a must-win situation tomorrow morning in Manhattan, Kansas. I was a little surprised earlier this week when I learned that Kansas State was favored by 2 ½ points, but I guess I shouldn’t have been given the Horns are 1-6 on the road since the start of the 2015 season.  In Strong’s first trip to Manhattan in 2014 as the Texas coach, they lost 23-0. Disregarding those facts, on paper, this is a good match-up for Texas.  Kansas State is averaging a paltry 167 yards per game passing and 342.7 total yards per game.  Kansas State does average 177 yards per game rushing at 4.8 yards per attempt and Bill Snyder is known for having creative running game schemes.  If the Texas’ linebackers don’t read, react correctly, and tackle well on running plays, the Texas defense could be in for a long day.  But even if Kansas State runs the ball well, Texas should win this game.  They’re underdogs because of Strong’s lousy road record and his team’s tendency to pull inexplicable no-shows at any time against any opponent.  Indeed, it’s easier for me to envision another Longhorn sluggish performance accompanied by special teams meltdowns leading to a loss than it is a win for the Longhorns in Manhattan.

West Virginia

Did you see what West Virginia did Texas Tech in Lubbock last Saturday?  That was a real beat-down.

Uh oh.

Could this happen?

Did you hear about what former Colorado and Northwestern coach Gary Barnett said about Charlie Strong a couple of weeks ago?  In addition to saying Strong deserved to be fired for his revolving door for coordinators and general incompetence, he claimed that Strong didn’t really want the Texas job to begin with, that he preferred to go to Florida or South Carolina but Lou Holtz talked him into taking it.  And do you remember last year the rumor that Strong was interested in the Miami opening?

Well, suppose Texas wins seven regular season games this year?  That would be an improvement over 2014 and 2015 but it wouldn’t good enough to cool Strong’s hot seat. But instead of Texas firing Strong, he resigns and returns to Louisville, replacing Bobby Petrino who leaves to go to LSU, or some other school that isn’t all hung up on ethics and morals, and will pay him more than Louisville.  In this scenario, Texas avoids the unpleasantness of firing Strong and the criticism that Strong wasn’t given a fair chance to succeed.  A happy ending for all right?  I like it.

A better idea than Herman?

Can you name the 39-year-old college football head coach who is 28-6 since 2014, has victories in the Fiesta and Poinsettia Bowls, who’s 14th ranked team is 7-0 this year, was a major college offensive coordinator for seven years known for creative, high-scoring offenses, has experience recruiting in Texas, and knows his way around Austin?  That would Bryan Harsin who you can see has a longer track record of success than the flavor of the moment Tom Herman.  I would also put forward the notion that  Boise State and Boise, Idaho, while not Texas and Austin, have a stronger college football tradition and higher expectations with more pressure on the head coach than does the University of Houston and Houston.

I’m not seriously suggesting that I know anything about hiring a college football coach, but from where I sit, Bryan Harsin looks like a better candidate than Tom Herman, should the Texas job come open in a couple of months.

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6 Comments to “Kansas State Pre Game”

  1. Always exciting to see what team shows up in the Strong era. Are the wheels going to totally come off the wagon on the road with an early kickoff (see WVA 2015)? Or will that squad that looks like young (gaaaaaaah) blue chips show up and play? Seems impossible to predict week in week out.

    Kansas State has very limited talent on the offensive side of the ball and I expect the matchup to hang on who we see (the most of) at QB. Ertz could probably push the ball down the field against UT, in which case I think K-State wins it. The backup, Hubener looks like a poor man’s Collin Klein (who himself was a poor man’s Tim Tebow) and you would (hope, pray) expect UT to be able to shut down the K-State offense if he is taking snaps.

    Coming off a cool well coached win against UCLA Mike Leach and the Washington State Cougars are headed to Phoenix for a matchup against Arizona State.

  2. not to be argumentative (who, me?) but who ARE the top tier of coaches in the country? And, please, let’s not even discuss Saban or Miles.
    Shaw? Swinney?
    In the spirit of not complaining about problems without offering possible solutions, and respecting Boise as the “cradle of coaches,”
    there is some precedent for the University of Washington supplying UT with a head coach.

    • Petersen was my first choice last time around. Here’s to the audacity of hope.

      I think finding the ‘top tier’ of coaches means holding out for pipe dream candidates like (god help us) Jon Gruden or the older saner Harbaugh brother.

    • Swinney is too big a hick for Austin IMO. Shaw would be great but believe it or not,he thinks Stanford is a better job than Texas and I think he has a good argument.

      • Lower expectations good resources and less pandering to 4/5-star recruits. Sounds good to me.

  3. It’s sad that we’re starting to look at Herman vs. Harsin in the head coaching search. Both would be great hires for a school like A&M or Tech, but shouldn’t Texas be able to go after someone a tier higher than that? After seeing Michigan and Ohio State get the best available coach in the country at the time, why does Texas set its sights so low?

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