Kansas State Over/Under Results and New Flavor of the Week

Kansas State Over/Under Results

In one of the most memorable Over/Under contests of all time, which was decided by the first ever Daily Double, David Frink won with 10 points picking up a bonus point with a correct answer to the Daily Double.  It was a heartbreaking second place finish for David Bergstrom who scored a nine missing only the Daily Double question. I like this Daily Double thing.

Randy Bogard finished third with an eight, Clayton Frink and Reed Ramlow tied for fourth with sevens.  The average score was 6.5.

New Flavor of the Week

The staff at Willie Earl is excited to announce Chad Morris as the new flavor of the week. Other flavors receiving consideration were Gus Malzahn, Mike Leach, and Todd Dodge.

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3 Comments to “Kansas State Over/Under Results and New Flavor of the Week”

  1. Looking forward to the genius defensive scheme and play coming against the Baptists on the 29th. Can’t believe my most dire expectations have been met and that they have led to two wins in the over-under in a single season. I no longer care who is hired, just want this administration out. I’m a change voter.

  2. Mike’s comment reminds me of John McKay.

  3. We’re almost there. All we really lack is blocking, tackling, catching ability, kicking, coverage skills, gap integrity, special teams play and coaching.

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