Louisiana Over/Under Results

Before I get to the results, I thought I’d give you just few quick thoughts on the game.

  1. As a play-caller, Steve Sarkisian comes as advertised, one of the very best college or pro. Formation is a part of play calling and Texas’ first touchdown, the pass to Bijan that he walked in, was about Sarkisian out formationing (A word I just made up) Louisiana’s defensive coordinator.  Also, the Hudson Card 3-yard touchdown was a brilliant call.
  2. Speaking of play calling, correct me if I’m wrong but I think Texas scored touchdowns on every one of their redzone possessions.
  3. Hudson Card, what a talent!  He could be the best we’ve had since Vince Young. I’ll go out on a limb and predict he’ll be a first round draft pick in 2023. What did I tell you about Sark going with the “talent’ right of the gate?
  4. So great to see Jordan Whittington breakout with seven receptions for 113 yards and a touchdown.
  5. The offensive line needs improvement. Too many sacks and holding calls. I’m guessing Sarkisian and Kyle Flood will get this right soon.
  6. Overall Texas looked like the best coached team we’ve had in a long, long while.


David Frink wins the opener with six correct answers. We had an incredible logjam for second place with Andy Garrod, Tyler Cotton, Helen Frink, Greg Swan, Mark Stephan, Randy Bogard, Wes Peoples, D.R. Flower, Clayton Frink, and Reed Ramlow all answering five questions correctly.

I’m sorry about very poorly formulating the question about total yards rushing for Louisiana all though Randy Bogard was the only one who was even in the ballpark with his prediction of 64 yards. Louisiana had 76. I gave Randy credit for a correct answer.

With 19 entries I thought it was a great turnout despite the Delta variant and the technical difficulties we had early Friday afternoon.

See you Friday.

Hook ‘Em,


2 Comments to “Louisiana Over/Under Results”

  1. My, oh my, it’s been a long winning drought for yours truly. Proud to be the first winner in the Sarkisian era. Agree with all WillieEarl’s comments and will add only that the Offensive Line remains very much a work in progress. Improved play by that element is the difference between a two-, or four-loss season. I’m daring to believe it will improve and, if so, winning them all becomes an outside possibility.

  2. I just want my name in print. My main takeaway was… Damn, we racket people again!!!

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