Our Greatest Fears

Balzac—whoever he was—wrote, “Our greatest fears lie in anticipation.” I’m sensing what I believe to be unfounded fears in Texas fans of playing Arkansas in Fayetteville, theoretically a hostile environment.

When I look at Arkansas, I see a team that was tied with Rice through three quarters last Saturday. I see a team with experience that was 3-7 last year. Is that great experience? I see a team that lost in Fayetteville last year 52-3 to Alabama which had an offensive coordinator named Steve Sarkisian.

We have to look back quite a few years for a history of the Longhorns Ws and Ls in Fayetteville but here goes.

2004: W
1989: W
1987: W
1985: W
1981: L “The sea was very angry that day my friends.”
1979: L
1977: W
1975: W
1973: W
1969: W That was an exciting game.

Hmm, 8-2 over the last 10 in that hostile environment where the natives hate Texas with the heat of a thousand suns.

It’s only one game but what we saw in Texas last week was the closest thing to a professional operation that we’ve maybe we’ve ever seen as Texas fans against a team that—according to the experts—that is better than Arkansas.  Of course, paraphrasing an old saying, “On any given Saturday . . . but I think the 2021 version of the Longhorns can withstand a few bad bounces of the football in Fayetteville and still come out on top. I’m willing to bet we’re going to have to suffer a couple of 10+ yard runs by Arkansas’s quarterback KJ Jefferson and maybe even the Longhorns first turnover of the season. But when all is said and done, I see the Longhorns prevailing in Fayetteville tomorrow evening with their second straight 38-point output.

I’m calling it Texas 38 – 14 over those pigs from Arkansas.

Willie Earl’s Song of the Week

“All Gas No Brakes”
“Life in the Fast Lane”

I like this song but it’s not among my 100 most favorites. It’s not even in my top five of favorite Eagles songs. But its origin story might be my very favorite.

If you’re rock and or pop music fan and you haven’t seen the Eagles Documentary, “History of the Eagles”, you must see it. One of my favorite parts was Joe Walsh talking about his iconic guitar lick that became the opening for “Life in the Fast Lane.”  One of his fellow band members heard him playing it in his hotel room and asked him, what was that?  Walsh answered, “It’s just something I have.”  If you’re familiar with Joe Walsh’s speech pattern, you can imagine how funny that was.

Walsh explained it a little differently to Paul Schaffer. Here’s that clip.

Hook ‘Em,

6 Comments to “Our Greatest Fears”

  1. Wasn’t expecting that. One step forward one step back

  2. Among my favorites, Springsteen and Buffet are for concerts and “planned listening.” Jackson Browne and the Eagles are the soundtrack of my life.

  3. Only somewhat-known fact: Joe Walsh is married to the former Marjorie Goldback,sister of former Bond girl and Ringo Starr’s wife, the former Barbara Goldback, making Walsh Ringo’s brother-in-law. Have you ever noticed how rock stars seem to get good-looking women? Funny, that. I’m gonna have to ask L.M. Boyd’s love-and-war man about the phenomenon.

    It may be like parachuting into Red China and the Hogs may have their eyes screwed up like little BBs, but, our Orangemen (Longhorns, not Syracuse guys; come on), prevail, 31-20.

  4. Not sure if my first one got through and cannot recall what I said in each category of the O/U so submitting another one . Horns prevail and Pigs are disappointed again – despite Kirk Bowles prediction in AAS this morning .

  5. Agree with every point you make (every word, actually) And great George Costanza reference.
    I’m quite sure you’re right about the game, but I’m CERTAIN you’re right about “Life in the Fast Lane,” and the Eagles.
    I’ve got the DVD of History of the Eagles, and I cue it up often. Of course, the Eagles are for me what Steely Dan is for you, so it’s to be expected. Hook ’em

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