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Let’s Go Bowling !

Did I ever tell you about the time in 1978, when I went bowling with Mike Frank, John Spafford, and John Hairston on….Wrong forum, never mind.

Despite the fact that Oklahoma State is a bad football team, that has now lost four straight games by an average score of 38-10, Texas’ win in Stillwater Saturday night is a very, very good win and a big win for our team and our program. I thought Charlie Strong may have lost this team after the 23-0 stinker of a loss to Kansas State, but the three game winning streak since then goes a long way towards proving Strong can build a team and a program.

What a weird way to score 28 points. Two botched extra points, three field goals, and a missed 21-yard field goal.

I know there are concerns about 2015 because the team will lose seniors Quandre Diggs, Jordan Hicks, Cedric Reed, John Harris, and junior Malcolm Brown, but Strong has shown he can develop and create players and leaders where none existed before. I’m bullish on the future.

I am concerned about the future of the Longhorns at quarterback. Tyrone Swoopes played a solid game against Oklahoma State. It was his first good game since the Iowa State game a month ago. Swoopes’ good performances this year, Oklahoma, Iowa State, and Oklahoma State came against teams that ranked 6, 9, and 7 respectively in Big 12 total defense. He has struggled and hamstrung Texas in all the other games. If you were paying close attention Saturday night, you will have noticed that when Texas had troubles in the third quarter, the main reason was that Swoopes was spooked by the Oklahoma State pass rush, both real and imagined by Swoopes. All year long, if there is any traffic in the pocket, Swoopes takes his eyes off his receivers and starts looking for a place to fall down or run out of bounds. His beautiful 45-yard touchdown pass to Armanti Foreman in the fourth quarter, started with an absolutely clean pocket with no Oklahoma State defender within five yards of him. Unless he develops the ability to ignore the flak and step up in the pocket, he is not the answer at quarterback.

On to TCU. They rank fourth in the Big 12 in total defense but seventh in pass defense. The Horns have a chance.

It was gray, misting, and 48 degrees around noon on Saturday in Austin. In other words, great running weather, which is what I was doing on the cushioned field turf at Clark Field on the UT campus. For the first 30 minutes or so I was there, I was running all alone, lost in my thoughts and my iPod. It was then that I received the answer to a question that I have pondered for decades. What is the greatest song of all time?

Answer, “Deacon Blues” by Steely Dan.
They call Alabama the Crimson Tide
Call me Willie Earl
Willie Earl

HooK ‘Em,

Over/Under Results
I know you’re out there. You know that you scored a nine and you’re thinking you won. You would be wrong, all six of you. Yes, six players made nines this week, but my pledge brothers, John Scott and Greg Swan were perfect 10s. Greg edged John in the tiebreaker by correctly predicting that Georgia and Wisconsin would come out on top Saturday. Congratulations Greg!
Mike Frank, Clayton Frink, Justin Merendino, Steve Holstead, Mark Stephan, and Art Zeitz were the nines.
The ever growing by leaps and bounds Willie Earl’s Longhorn Blog received 28 Over/Under entries this week.
Any investors out there?

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  1. The tunes are back, Jack
    Strong’s got a plan, Stan
    Hop on the team bus, Gus
    And it’s all a bit silly, Willie!

    “50 ways to talk about the Horns” by Paul Simon

  2. Can I get a vote for Derrick and the Dominoes’ “Layla?” The undefeated fall 1983 season meant I was doing a lot of Friday nights at that cavalry outpost know as the Whip In @ Woodland and Burton (ahem former investors / bosses Mike Franks and Bill Frink…). Working that shift with James “Whippet” Sell was worth at least 15 hours credit at Texas when we would call in requests to KLBJ during lulls. I always requested Clapton.

  3. Tyrone Swoopes is the number one passing QB in the FBS in the red zone. 9 TDs and only 1 pick within the 20, 80% passing accuracy.

  4. Just gleaned this from another source. Put it in your pipe and smoke it…
    Ty Swoopes-He now has three 300-yard passing games on the season, which is tied for fourth on the UT single-season list. Only two UT QBs have a higher total in a season (McCoy – 6 in 2008, 5 in 2009; Applewhite – 5 in 1999), and only five quarterbacks (Colt McCoy – 15; Major Applewhite – 9; James Brown – 7; David Ash – 4; Chris Simms – 4) have more in a career

    • He has yet to play well against a good defense. Heck he even stunk against Texas Tech and Kansas the 119th and 94th ranked defenses. Of course I hope you’re right and I’m wrong but if you’re going to cherry pick statistics here’s a couple.
      1. Swoopes ranks 73rd nationally in passing yards. 9th in the Big 12
      2. Swoopes ranks 81st in passing efficiency. 9th in the Big 12

    • The list of 5 QBs about only excludes 5 of the 10 starters since James Brown: Richard Walton, Chance Mock, Vince Young, Garret Gilbert, and Herp-a-derp McCoy.

      Three 300 yard games might let us safely infer Swoopes is a better QB than the five listed above, save VY. But I don’t think out passing Mock/Walton/Gilbert is anything to brag on a player about.

  5. The River City rendition of Never Been Any Reason at Sig Ep parties followed closely by the Greg Swan led Drink Beer

    • Never Been Any Reason by River City at the Sig Ep House 1977-78 was as good as it gets with clothes on.

  6. Good Lord, Willie Earl! You would bitch about a free meal. For Pete’s sake! I fully expected you to acknowledge your misguided assessment of our QB. Kid goes 24-33, 2 TDs, no interceptions or turnovers and you gotta point out it was against a poor defense. How about doing it behind a patchwork OL?
    And while I’m riled up…”Deacon Blues” is NOT the greatest song of all time (although it’s pretty good). Dirty Work is Steely Dan’s best song. And I have Galveston on my Ipod. The greatest song of all time is “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones, followed closely by Springsteen’s “Born to Run.” I feel better now. Homer

  7. Re the song, not “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I’ve Got Love in my Tummy?” Actually, I’ll go with the quintessential loss of innocence, “Like a Rolling Stone,” followed closely by the anti-war statement and achingly beautiful melody of love, loss and fear of dying, “Galveston,” with its unforgettable opening bass riff.

    But that’s just me.

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