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There seems to be a consensus amongst sports writers, bloggers, and analysts that Tyrone Swoopes doesn’t like to get hit. Swoopes himself said after the Baylor game that he got nervous after getting hit a couple of times. Charlie Strong and Sean Watson say that Swoopes is looking at the oncoming rush and not at pass routes developing downfield. This is troubling and with nine starts under his belt, you have to wonder if Swoopes is capable of developing into a serviceable college quarterback.

I have a theory and a crazy prediction. I don’t think Swoopes has the desire required to develop into a serviceable college quarterback, much less a good one. He’s big and tall, has a strong arm, and by all accounts is pretty smart. He has participated in two years of spring practice, two preseason camps, three weeks of bowl workouts, and of course the nine starts. Yet, with all this practice, preparation, and game experience, if he’s still so nervous about being hit that he can’t look downfield, maybe he’s just not committed. In the last three games, in addition to his overall poor play, his effort looks half-hearted to me. He carries out his fakes in a half-speed jog and he slouches off the field after a drive stalls or ends in a turnover. I’d be very surprised if he’s the starter in 2015 and I wouldn’t be surprised if he transferred to a division two school, or quits football all together after this season.
The last time I wrote Swoopes off was before his renaissance in the Oklahoma and Iowa State games, but since those games his play has reverted to the dark ages. His combined stat line for the Kansas State, Texas Tech, and West Virginia games: 37-79 passing for 458 yards with 2 touchdown passes and 1 interception. If you don’t count sacks, he’s rushed for 81 yards on 15 carries. Maybe he should run more. Of course, that probably involves getting hit; this segues nicely into my next topic.

Is the offensive game plan tailored to reduce the chances of Swoopes getting injured and being unable to play? Because what’s the plan if Swoopes does get injured? Playing Jerrod Heard and burning his precious redshirt for playing time in less then three games? If not, than as far as we know the next man up is Trey Holtz. Here’s his background from
Did not see game action.
Coached by Robert Weiner at H.B. Plant High School … helped Panthers win Florida State Championship his senior year … lettered as a junior and senior … served as a reserve quarterback … was primarily the team’s holder and rugby-style punter during its championship season … also participated in lacrosse.
If Swoopes doesn’t like getting hit, I wonder how he feels about playing in real cold weather. The forecast is for the low 40s at kickoff in Stillwater.

Look for Oklahoma State to put nine defenders in the box and to blitz early and often.

The defense was great in the West Virginia game, especially in the second half, when the offense could do nothing. They were on the field for 90 plays. I don’t think they can hold up for 90 plays against Oklahoma State.

Given where this team was at midseason, it would be great if they could get six wins, qualify for a bowl and get the sorely needed three weeks of practice that goes with it. Oklahoma State looks very beatable on paper. They average less than 400 yards of offense per game and rank 72nd in the country in scoring, averaging 28.4 points per game. The news on their defense is even better. They rank 91st in points allowed surrendering 30.2 per game. They’ve been blown out in their last three games losing 42-9 to TCU, 34-10 to West Virginia, and 48-14 to Kansas State.

Yet, after watching Swoopes and our offense in the second half against West Virginia, I don’t have a very good feeling about this game.

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  1. Well, dang, W.E., I agree with some that we have some morose assessments here. No McCartney, the Dead, or even ‘Lovin’ Spoonful’ songs I can key on here, it seems you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, and now it’s gone, gone, gone, no oh oh…. Bring back the tunes, brother (as in Righteous Brothers)! Will Swoopes swoon or swagger? Some see a bad moon rising but I don’t from here. It doesn’t get worse than what goes down in nearby Anbar province or Kobani, so I say the Horns not only endure but prevail in friggin’ freezin’ Stillwater (not sure how I make the link but what the hell, Horns win)!

  2. Man, you guys are bringing me down. Can we be a little more positive??

  3. RE: Trey Trey.. Aka the bonus punter, renaissance man.

    “The key is to have kids who can play multiple positions poorly…
    it’s what separates the 5-5 teams from lesser teams”
    -Mack Brown, signing day 2012

  4. Betty’s nephew worked under Josh Heupel at OU for several years. He was a QB in HS and worked with all of the OU QB’s while there as a student. He told me the OU staff thought G Gilbert would be a bust coming out of high school. He also told me Trevor Knight wasn’t that good..which he hasn’t been. The kid knows his stuff. So at a recent Highland Park game where his brother is QB, his dad asked me if I thought Stoops was our QB of the future. I said yes and then deferred to the kid. He said he thought Stoops will be a good QB before he finishes his career. Seems I remember a recent QB that turned out to be pretty good had fans wanting him to switch to WR after his red shirt Soph year……

    • That’s an urban myth. 99% of Texas fandom were all in on VY. Period. My son Bob runs a faster 40 than Swoopes and he absolutely craves contact.

  5. Steers drag Cowboys throgh the cactus, both get bloodied. No style points here.

  6. Swoopes makes this game competitive — in a bad way. With average QB play, Texas would handle road, crowd and poor weather. Like you, I see this as a real struggle.

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