On to Arlington!

Kind of has a ring to it doesn’t it.

Coming Friday, Big 12 Championship pre-game thoughts, as with regrets, I have a few.

Kansas Over/Under Results 

Mark Adams, Wade Wallace, Mitch Frink, and Greg Swan tied for first place with six correct answers. In the tiebreaker Mitch and Mark both picked losers in West Virginia and Michigan were eliminated.  Both Greg and Wade picked Oklahoma—a winner—and Michigan a loser—so we went to their score prediction for Texas-Kansas. Wade had Texas winning 41-20. Greg had Texas by 31-10.  Since both their predictions had the same point differential, the staff—after discussion—decided to declare a tie.

Mike Frank, Clayton Frink, and David Bergstrom tied for fifth place with five correct answers.

The average score was a low, low 4.25.

In future contests if there’s still a tie after comparing point differentials in the score predictions, we will go to the total points scored prediction.  Using the Texas game as an example, the total points scored were 41. Greg’s 31-10 was right on the money but since we didn’t have a policy in place, we declared a tie.

What Say You?