Conventional Wisdom is for Feeble Minds

Last weekend, I had talked myself into being so satisfied that the Longhorns had just qualified for the Big 12 Championship game that I didn’t want to seriously consider whether they might beat Oklahoma again.

On Monday I noticed that Las Vegas had made Oklahoma an eight point favorite over Texas on a neutral field.  As the week wore on I couldn’t help but see that the national media that cover college football—for the sake of their College Football Playoff discussions—were assuming that Oklahoma would beat Texas.  Colin Cowherd, who has a nationally syndicated daily radio and television show, has been a strong advocate for Oklahoma (after they avenge their loss to Texas) being more qualified than Ohio State to be the fourth team selected for the college football playoff.  Now my hackles were starting to rise.

Then I started hearing the mantra that it’s hard to beat a team twice in the same year.  Is that right?  When was the last time that the New England Patriots didn’t beat the New York Jets twice in the same season or the last time the Steelers didn’t beat the Bengals twice in the same season?   When was the last time Kansas didn’t beat Texas in basketball twice in the same season?  Anyway, it’s a feeble minded mantra that isn’t borne out by facts.

It’s time for a reality check. In October Texas beat Oklahoma 48-45. It wasn’t a fluke.  Texas led at the end of the first, second, and third quarters. Texas dominated Oklahoma during most of the second and third quarters. The only thing that was fluky about the game was Oklahoma scoring 21 points in six minutes during their furious fourth quarter rally that tied the game.

So what has changed since October 6 that has fueled the notion that Oklahoma beating Texas tomorrow in Arlington is a done deal?  I guess it’s because Oklahoma has averaged nearly 53 points a game since October 6 and that Kyler Murray has been a human highlight reel. Never mind that Oklahoma has given up an average of more than 46 points again over their last four games.

Maybe the sharps in Las Vegas know something about Sam Ehlinger’s right shoulder that we don’t.  Other than that, the eight point line favoring Oklahoma—in the words of Alan Greenspan—is based on an irrational exuberance over Kyler Murray and Oklahoma’s offense.  As far as Colin Cowherd’s and other members of the sports media opinions are concerned, it’s just pack mentality conventional wisdom disguised as expert analysis.

I’m not in the prediction business but don’t be surprised if the Horns come out on top in this one 41-31.

Horns Down

I’m probably as annoyed as any Texas fan when an opposing player flashes the Horns down but I don’t think flashing the Horns down sign alone should be penalized.

Texas fans who publicly take offense at the Horns down sign should ask themselves if they approve of Texas fans chanting—may I say exuberantly—“OU makes a small partial vacuum with its mouth.”

As we used to say a long time ago, BEAT THE HELL OUT OF OU!

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  1. Horns down pissed us off

  2. Horns down pissed us off

  3. I always thought the Horns down just showed the other side was more concerned with us than themselves. I take it as the supreme compliment

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