OU Week State of Mind Hypothetical Tuesday

So far this season Oklahoma has beaten, Houston, South Dakota, UCLA, Texas Tech, and Kansas. These teams are a combined 10-16. The best among these vanquished opponents is Texas Tech at 3-2.

Texas opponents so far this year are a combined 16-11. The only Texas opponent with a losing record is Rice at 0-6. The best team Texas has played is LSU who is ranked #5 nationally and is 5-0.

For those of you keeping score at home, the line printed in my newspaper this morning moved up to Texas +10 ½.

If Texas was 5-0 against the teams that Oklahoma has played and Oklahoma was 4-1 against the teams Texas has played, would Texas be favored by 10 ½?

Speaking of hypotheticals, if Jalen Hurts had transferred to Texas, would he be the starting quarterback?

See you again tomorrow.

Hook ‘Em,


4 Comments to “OU Week State of Mind Hypothetical Tuesday”

  1. You old Hubster, I am sure of one thing. In the last 40+ years ya take either team with over 10 points. That used to be 3.5 points Just look it up. Frank and I a have been on the Texas press box with OU -5.5, for me a lot of money. Texas won, by 3
    I’m gonna be all over the money line on UT. Don’t forget history

  2. LOVE being a big ‘dog here……just sayin’…..

  3. Great thoughts, mainly because I have thought the same. The underdog is always the bet in this game. I just took the +290 money line. Screw losing and covering, I’d still feel like I lost.

  4. re: Hurts. Had he transferred to UT, he probably would NOT be starting, but he probably should be.

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