West Virginia Over/Under Results and OU State of Mind Day One

There was a five-way tie for first place this week that included Mark Adams, Reed Ramlow, Clayton Frink, Mark Stephan, and Helen Frink with six correct answers.  Mark and Mark were the only ones in this group that correctly picked Baylor and Iowa State in the tiebreaker.  Both of them had Dallas beating Green Bay.  Mark Adams edged Mark Stephan for the win by predicting Dallas would win by 10 points compared to Mark Stephan who had Dallas winning by 17. Six is the lowest winning total I can remember in a long time.

Overall it was a tightly bunched field with a seven-way tie for sixth place.

Digging deeper into the results, it was interesting to me that David Bergstrom and Mark Stephan were the only two out of 14 contestants to predict that the game would last longer than 3:45. It lasted 3:46. Mark Stephan can thank the always moronic Big 12 officials for getting him into the five-way tie by deciding they needed to review West Virginia’s incredibly obvious incomplete pass at the Texas two yard line near the end of the game.  

Clayton Frink and Eric Vogl were the only contestants to correctly predict that West Virginia would score first.

OU State of Mind Day One

Yesterday, a guy on the driving range asked me what I thought about the Oklahoma game and added that he thought Texas would be lucky to stay within two touchdowns.  He’s not an Aggie in case you were wondering. I told him I was a little bit more optimistic than that.

This morning, I heard a similar line of thinking to the guy’s on the driving range from a national talk radio host.  The betting line printed in my local paper this morning favors Oklahoma by 10. If you could get Texas +10 I think it would be a good bet. It will be interesting to see if that line moves during the week.

If I had to make a bet today straight up, I’m picking Texas and regular readers of this column know I’m no burnt orange Kool-Aid drinker.

Stay tuned, for more OU Game analysis coming tomorrow and every day this week.

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  1. I’ll take Texas too, but need the points.

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