Parting Shots and Over/Under Season Accolades

Watching the Oklahoma – Oklahoma State game last Saturday night, I couldn’t help thinking the Longhorns should have beaten these teams. And I couldn’t help noticing that Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have improved since the Longhorns played them while the Longhorns have regressed. If Texas were to play either of these teams now, the games would not be competitive. This is a troubling observation for Steve Sarkisian, Chris Del Conte, and Texas fans.

Heading into the offseason, I’m far from confident that Steve Sarkisian will be successful in turning the program around. To me, the aura of his program feels hauntingly like Charlie Strong’s.

I look forward to pointing out how wrong I was.

The Green-Eyed Monster

Comparing Steve Sarkisian to USC’s and LSU’s new coaches Lincoln Riley and Brian Kelly has me feeling bitten by the Green-Eyed Monster. I have little doubt that Riley and Kelly will be successful at reviving their new programs and I’ll bet you right now that they won’t have losing seasons in their first year with their new teams.

Gary Patterson Coming to Texas?

There’s less chance of this happening than a coach with four straight winning seasons and four straight bowl wins being fired.

There’s less chance of this happening than a team favored by 31.5 points losing at home.

There’s less chance of this happening than a popular coach at one of the top five all-time football programs with a 74% winning percentage over 12 seasons and two recent College Football Playoff berths leaving for another program.

There’s less chance of this happening than Texas not having a single player named to the first or second-team defense All-Big 12.

But seriously folks, knock me over with a feather in Gary Patterson serves in any role at Texas in 2022.

Over/Under 2021 Season Accolades

Over the 12-game season, 27 different players entered Over/Under at least one time. The largest turnout was for Arkansas with 21 players. The lowest turnout was for Baylor with 13 players.

D. R Flower posted a perfect score in the TCU contest and Andy Garrod was perfect in the Tech contest.

Over/Under 2021 All-Stars         

Dan Adams         2 wins

D.R. Flower         2 wins

            Here is your Complete Over/Under  Winners Circle for 2021

Louisiana         David Frink

Arkansas          Reed Ramlow

Rice                  Clayton Frink

Texas Tech        Andy Garrod

TCU                   D.R. Flower

Oklahoma         D.R. Flower

Oklahoma St.    Wade Wallace

Baylor               Steve Holstead

Iowa St.             Greg Swan

Kansas               Dan Adams

West Virginia    David Bergstrom

Kansas St.          Dan Adams

It’s the Little Things

Throughout the Texas Football season, I review Willie Earl’s distribution list, blog comments, and Over/Under entries and see names of friends from Rummel Creek Elementary school, Herndon High School, The University of Texas including Sigma Phi Epsilon, and The Daily Texan, The Bluffs of Barton, Time Warner Cable, all the friends and acquaintances I’ve made over the last 40 + years, and of course family members and their friends. Seeing those names blended together brings me pleasure and a smile. It’s like reviewing the guestlist for the greatest party I could ever attend.

Thanks to each and every one of you for reading and playing.

See you next year, if not sooner.

Regards and Hook ‘Em,

Willie Earl

8 Comments to “Parting Shots and Over/Under Season Accolades”

  1. It always brightens my day when I see a Willie Earl post in my inbox.
    So do we again put our hopes on Quinn Ewers or are we leery about a kid who can’t crack Ohio State’s top 3 QB depth chart?
    And yes it’s shocking to see blue bloods who were always dream job destinations losing coaches. The money is ridiculous and college football fans are the definition of unreasonable.

  2. Willie Earl- your weekly takes are like a fine wine…. they’ve gotten better by the year. And Dan is right, the musical complements are perfectly nostalgic for our demographic. Thanks for the enjoyment!

  3. We could not survive another season of institutional football mediocrity, to paraphrase Mr. Frank, without Willie Earl. Thanks for another great year. The basketball teams, women’s volleyball, swim team, row team, etc. save Del Conte’s bacon. Just can’t seem to crack the nut with Longhorn football. But we’ll always have Willie, said Rick Blaine.

  4. Thanks as always, Willie Earl, always a fun time. Gotta disagree w/you on 2 fronts:

    1). Sark will be successful. His ability (& CDC’s ability) to run all aspects of a program are astronomically higher than Strong & Steve Patterson. Moving to the SEC soon, a probable hiccup in the ou program, NIL $$, etc. Now… what would WE deem successful?

    2). I thought I won one of the weekly o/u’s. Maybe I didn’t “win” it, per se, more like accidentally snagged it like a drippy college infection. Haha, can’t believe I said that. Good thing I can dele

    • 1. All this B.S. about running a “program” has taken on far too much importance in the media. After Del Conte and the Boosters make a hire, they have a minuscule impact on Ws and Ls. They’re not coaching. Sarkisian’s record as a head coach is pretty darn modest. I don’t think Sarkisian had any positive impact on gamedays in any game this year.

      But of course, I hope you’re right.

      2. You’re definitely right here. You indeed won the Oklahoma State Over/Under besting Clayton Frink in the tiebreaker. I was skimming
      the past results a little too quickly. The record has been corrected. See update results here.

  5. Thanks for the persistence, Willie Earl. Always look forward to it and enjoyed the weekly musical complement this long season. 🤘🏽Hook ‘em!

  6. Bill, a privilege to participate. I’d love total season correct answers tho

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