2018 Over/Under Standings

Here are your 2018 Over/Under Results to date.  Going into the Sugar Bowl, there is a battle between Mark Adams and Greg Swan, for “Player of the Year” honors. Greg, with three wins, will clinch the title with a win. He also takes the title if Mark Adams doesn’t win. He clinches at least a tie with a second place finish. Mark needs a win and a finish below second by Greg to take the title outright. If Mark wins and Greg places second they will share “Player of the Year” honors. Learn it, know it, live it.

David Frink could finish the year in second place for the year with a win.

Clayton Frink has secure hold on the mythical, “Always a Bridesmaid Never a Bride” title with three second place finishes but no wins. Will he risk his title by playing in the Sugar Bowl Over/Under?

And of course, the coveted Sugar Bowl Over/Under Championship is up for grabs for any and all comers.

Reviewing this list is akin to a Willie Earl, this is your life.


2018 Winners 2nd place finishes
Maryland D.R. Flower Rick Mosher
Tulsa Greg Swan, David Frink Greg Swan, David Frink
USC Mark Adams John Scott
TCU Greg Swan Clayton Frink
KSU Mitch Lewis Clayton Frink
Oklahoma Helen Frink Mark Adams
Baylor Eric Vogl Helen Frink
Off Week Mike Frank Mark Adams
West Virginia Reed Ramlow D.R. Flower
Oklahoma St. David Bergstrom Mitch Frink
Texas Tech Steve Holstead David Bergstrom
Iowa St. Mark Adams Greg Swan
Kansas Greg Swan, Wade Wallace Greg Swan, Wade Wallace
OU Deux David Frink Clayton Frink

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  1. Apparently I am “Individual None”

  2. I am a strong contrary indicator.

  3. A motley crew, indeed….

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