Jayvees and Varsities

When I was seven, my brother Clayton took me to the first football game I ever attended. His school’s (Albert Einstein High) junior varsity was playing an away game.  I have no idea who the other team was.  I do remember liking Einstein’s white uniforms. We were sitting on the top row of the bleachers and at one point Clayton directed my attention to the opposing school’s varsity which was practicing on a field behind the stadium.  It was easy to notice that the players practicing were bigger than the players in the junior varsity game we’d come to watch.  Clayton explained me the team practicing was the varsity as opposed the younger and smaller junior varsity teams we were watching.  He also told me, in a self-deprecating manner, that Einstein’s J.V. team was all they had since Einstein was a brand new school that didn’t have a junior and senior class yet.  His inference was clear to me.  Einstein’s J.V. team would get slaughtered if they played the varsity team we were observing practice.

Watching Alabama dominate Oklahoma and Clemson demolishing Notre Dame, I couldn’t help but notice those games looked like the Varsity crushing the jayvees.  Georgia looks like the varsity to me. At the end of this evening, I hope the Longhorns don’t look like the jayvees.

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  1. Hope for the best, plan for the worst…..

  2. You know what they say about brevity.

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