Big 12 Championship Over/Under Results

In a result that’s sure to raise eyebrows, David Frink and Clayton Frink tied for first with seven correct answers in the first ever Big 12 Championship Over/Under Contest.  David won in the tiebreaker by picking winners with Ohio State and Georgia. Clayton picked losers in Northwestern and Georgia.

Wade Wallace and Mark Adams tied for second with six correct answers.

The average score was 4.4.


1 Comment to “Big 12 Championship Over/Under Results”

  1. Let’s all go in on a Christmas present for Tom Herman, a stopwatch with instructions on how to use it.
    We lost that OU game and the West Virginia game because he doesn’t understand simple clock management. OU should have never got the ball back at the end of the 1st half for the TD drive we all saw coming and West Virginia should have never got the ball back at all for their winning last drive of the game.
    As Willie Earl and I discussed after the game, Herman really doesn’t seem to think that it’s even a deal that needs to be addressed.

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